Game Play



The most common way to play airsoft. One team starts on one side of the field with the other team on the opposite side of the field. Ultimate goal FIGHT till one team is eliminated.



Exactly like it sounds. A lot like team death match but with a flag on each base. Ultimate goal…get to the opponents flag and get it back to your base without your team being eliminated.



It is a spin-off of “capture the flag” but instead of one flag to capture, there are five flags to capture that are spread out in the field. The first team to take three flags back to their base first WINS. There’s a catch…each team is only allowed to take one flag at a time back to their base.


You’re split into two teams. Each team has an objective. The first team to complete that objective WINS.



Its you verses everyone. You are the only man on your team, so fight your hardest to be the last one standing.



One team will hunker down and defend their fort under a set designated time with only a set number of revives.  The other team will rush to take it from you with unlimited revives. How long can YOU hold your ground?



The game starts as a “Free for All” type game. The players start the game hiding from each other. As soon as you get a kill, the game changes. If you hit an opponent, they fall to the ground. You then run up and place your hand on their shoulder to “Heal” them for 10 seconds.  Now they are part of your faction.  Remember…You don’t have to be the one to shoot them, as long as YOU get to them first.

The game continues in this fashion until only one team remains.



Each game play can be altered with different game variants such as:



Anyone on your team can revive you after being shot



There will be a set number of revives given before the beginning of the match.



There will be one set person to revive you, so stay close…and don’t let him die.



Have you ever thought about playing two fields in one match? This is for you. In MEGA we combine both Jungle Fever and Junkyard to bring you one MEGA field to play.


-JUG- (In the works)

OH YEAH!!! that’s right, there will be a juggernaut placed in the middle of the field. The first team to get to him and tag him gains an ally, but be careful, he can turn on you by getting shot in one of two designated hit points. That will freeze him giving the opponents team a chance to tag him, turning him against YOU.