Fully sealed goggles must be worn on the field of play at all times by everyone. This is for your safety and for the safety of others. They must be shatterproof and have no less than the industry standard ANSI Z87.1 rating. Wire mesh goggles are not allowed, except with shatterproof eye protection worn underneath. Full face protection is always required for players under the age of 18, is recommended for everyone.

For the safety of the players, we enforce an outdoor M.E.D. (or “minimum  engagement distance”). Safety kill limits will differ depending on the FPS of your gun. Players are to utilize a “safety kill” rather than fire on their target. This is only to be used if your opponent is “dead to rights”. We understand that there  are times when adrenaline is going and people slip up, so we ask everyone to  stay cautious at all times.

Blind fire is unacceptable. You must be able to see with your own eyes the direction that you are pointing your weapon.

Calling yourself out when you are hit is based on HONOR and INTEGRITY. If you are hit, call it and proceed with the appropriate actions. Please refrain from arguing about a hit while on the field. If you are unsure, play it safe and call yourself out. We ask that you respect the decisions made by the referees. There will be no fighting of any kind; you will be permanently removed from play.

We reserve the right to chrono all weapons at any time prior to or during each event.

 -AEGs and Pistols firing at 350fps and lower with a .20g BB have a 2 foot (M.E.D.) safty kill limit.                                                                                                  –AEGs and Pistols firing at 350fps to 400fps with a .20g BB have a 10 foot (M.E.D.) safty kill limit.                                                                                             –AEGs and Snipers firing at 400fps to 450fps with a .20g BB have a 30 foot (M.E.D.) safty kill limit.                                                                                         –AEGs and Snipers firing at 450fps to 500fps with a .20g BB have a 50 foot boundary from starting point and a 40 foot (M.E.D.) safty kill limit.                       –AEGs and Snipers firing at 500fps to 550fps with a .20g BB will be stationed at starting point and a 50 foot (M.E.D.) safty kill limit.



In the staging area mags cannot be in your gun and there will be no shooting in designated staging area.

Ridgeline Airsoft is a family run business and expects to keep it a family friendly environment. Ridgeline Airsoft is not accountable for any unsportsmanlike conduct ( Derogatory comments, profanity, verbal abuse, racial slurs, fighting, stealing, and unnecesary arguing). If we encounter any intolerable behavior, we have the right and will ask you to leave.

Come join us for a fun day of airsoft and remember ESA, “EAT SLEEP AIRSOFT”.